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Clearance Special

Lowest Price: We won't be beaten by anyone!

Great Chance to purchase CNB Cameras and DVRs at Unbelievable Prices! (Updated by 07/25/2013)
Contact us (sales@cnbdealer.com) for Price and stock availability! (This special offer is valid while supply lasts and subject to change)

CNB Model Numbers: HGP2030F, ZBB-24Z36F, ZBN-24Z27F, ZBN-24Z23F, VBT-24Z10F, BFE-44F, DBE-44VF, VCE-44VF, BBB-34F, DBB-34VF, DBB-34VD, VCB-34VF, BBB-24F, BBB-24, DBB-24VF, DBB-24VD, VCB-24VF, VCB-24VD, LBB-24VF, LDB-24VF, XHB-20CS, XGB-20CS, XCB-24VF, BBM-24F, BBM-20, CBM-20VD, DBM-24VF, DBM-24VD, DBM-20VDL, DQM-24VD, DQM-24VF, DDM-24VF, DCM-24VF, DKM-24VF, DKM-24VD, DKM-20S, DJL-20S, DFL-20S, VFL-20S, VCM-24VFH, VCM-24VF, VCM-24VD, VBM-24VF,  VBM-24VD, VLL-20S, VML-20S, VJL-20S, CCM-24VF, LBM-24VF, LBM-20S, LDM-24VF, LDM-20S, LKM-24VF, LKM-20VF, LKM-20S, LQM-20S, LQM-24VF, LFM-20VF, LFL-20S, LJL-20S, LPL-20S, WBL-20S, WCL-20S, WCM-20VF, WFL-20S, XCM-24VF, WFM-24VF, BE5810NCR, BE4810NCR, BE4815NVR, BE3765NVR. CNB Specialty Cameras: LML-20S, RCL-10S, RBL-10S, MBL-20S, MBL-20SP, VDL-20S, DSL-20S, DSL-20SA, SS2965NX, SDN-22Z27F, SBN-22Z27F, SSM2065N, SMC1065N, RCL-20S, RBL-20S, LNL-20S, LNL-10S, MCM-20VD, MCM-20S, PM1063N, PM3063N, IGC2050F, IDC4050F, IDC4050IR, IDC4050VF, IDC4050VR, IVC4050VR, IVC5055VR, IGP1030, IDP4030VR, IVP4030VR, IBP5030CR, IGB1110NF, IDB4110NVF, IVB4110NVF, IGP1000F, IDP4000VD, IDP4000VR, IVP4000VR, IDP4000T, IVC4000T, ISS2765N, ISS2965NX, ISMC1065N, IPM3063N. CNB Accessory: SC100, MIR1000, MIR3000, WDB100, WDB201, WDB202, WDB203, WDB204, CVB110, WMB200, WMB65, V2000, D2000, D1000, GL0550AV, GL2812AV, GL3308AV, M13VG308, M13VG246, SC3100, SWB2000, SPB2000, SCB2000, SOB2000, SWB1000, SPB1000, SIB1000, SMWB1000, SMPB1000, SMWB2000, SMPB2000, ISWB2000, INS2000, IJB2000. CNB DVR: HDF1212E, HDF1212E-500G, HDF1212E-1T, HDF1212E-2T, HDE2424E, HDE2424E-500G, HDE2424E-1T, HDE2424E-2T, HDE2424E-3T, HDE2424E-4T, HDS4848E, HDS4848E-500G, HDS4848E0-1T, HDS4848E-2T, HDS4848E-3T, HDS4848E-4T, HDF1212DV, HDF1212DV-500G, HDF1212DV-1T, HDF1212DV-2T, HDE2412, HDE2412DV-500G, HDE2412DV-1T, HDE2412DV-2T, HDE2412DV-3T, HDE2412DV-4T, HDS4824, HDS4824DV-500G, HDS4824DV-1T, HDS4824DV-2T, HDS4824DV-3T, HDS4824DV-4T, HDE2424DV, HDE2424DV-500G, HDE2424DV-1T, HDE2424DV-2T, HDE2424DV-3T, HDE2424DV-4T, HDS4848DV, HDS4848DV-500G, HDS4848DV-1T, HDS4848DV-2T, HDS4848DV-3T, HDS4848DV-4T, DV04HD, DV04HD-1TB, DV04HD-2TB, DV04HD-4TB, DV04HD-6TB, DV04HD-8TB, DV16D1, DV16D1DV-1T, DV16D1DV-2T, DV16D1DV-3T, DV16D1DV-4T, IBP5030CR, IDC4050F, IDC4050IR, IDC4050VF, IDC4050VR, IGB1110NF, IGC2050F,IGP1000F, IJB2000, INS2000, IPM3063N, ISMC1063N, ISS2765N, IVB4110NVF, IVC5055VR, BBN-24F, DBN-24VF, DSL-20S, DSL-20SA, LCB-24VF 2G, LCB-24VFH 2G, LCM-20S 2G,LCM-24VF 2G, LML-20S, MBL-20S, MBL-20SP, RBL-10S, RCL-10S, VBB-24VD 2G, VBB-24VF 2G,VBB-34VF 2G, VBE-44VF 2G, VBN-24VF, VDL-20S, XHN-20Z27F, BM5562NIR, PM1063N, SBN-22Z27F, SC100, SDN-22Z27F, DV04HD, DV16D1, HDE2424E, HDF1212E, HDS4848E, BD7660NVR, DBB-24VD, DBB-24VF, LBB-24VF, LBM-24VF, LDB-24VF, LDM-24VF, LFL-20S, LKM-20S, LPL-20S, VBT-24Z10F, VCB-24VD, VCB-24VF, VCM-24VFH, WFL-20S, WFM-24VF, XCM-24VF, XGB-20CS, XHB-20CS, DBM-20VD, DCM-24VF, DDM-24VF, WCM-20VF, CBM-20VD, DKM-20S, DKM-24VD, DKM-24VF, DQM-20S, DQM-24VD, DQM-24VF, VLL-20S, VML-20S, CBM-20VD, CCM-24VF

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