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Special Promotions

Special Promotion

+  FREE UPS Ground Shipping!

Coupon Code: mgtsp40ptoff

Terms and Conditions 
1. Coupon is good for one-time use only, is not transferrable, is not for resale or auction and cannot be combined with other offers or promotions.
2. Coupon code only be used for online purchases made on CNBDealer.com.
3. Coupon code must be entered by the customer at the time of checkout on the payment page. Failure to do so does NOT entitle the customer to a refund of the coupon discount amount after the sale.
    We cannot retro-actively apply coupon discounts for orders already placed.
4. We reserve the right to cancel or reject any order if in our opinion the coupon used was unauthorized, ineligible, obtained illegally or altered in any way.
5. Coupon code is non-negotiable and have no cash value.

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